Boulder Rolfing ® Structural Integration

Restore, Rejuvenate, and Rehabilitate

Named after its founder, Dr. Ida Rolf, Rolfing ® Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues (fascia) which permeate the entire body.

Rolfing ® S.I. works on these connective tissues to realign, release and balance the body. The aim is to restore flexibility, revitalize your energy, and leave you feeling more comfortable.

Rolfing® S.I. has the ability to alleviate pain, dramatically alter posture and structure, release tension, and resolve discomfort.

Athletes, business professionals, children, dancers and people from all walks of life seek Rolfing® S.I. as a way to ease pain and chronic stress, and improve physical performance.

Rolfing® S.I. enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form, thus enhancing freedom of movement and postural efficiency.

Our Boulder Rolfing ® Structural Integration aims to restore flexibility, revitalize your energy, and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body.

How Can Rolfing® Structural Integration Help You?

Utilizing movement education and soft tissue manipulation/mobilization techniques, Rolfing® Structural Integration:

  • Alleviates acute and chronic pain, soreness and tension
  • Enhances bodily flexibility, function and movement
  • Improves alignment, balance, coordination and posture
  • Promotes body, breath, movement and spatial awareness
  • Reduces chronic stress
  • Supports the body in muscular efficiency and energy conservation

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