Integrated Manual Therapy

What is Integrated Manual Therapy?

Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) is a unique blend of therapies intended to treat the body as a whole system — its basic concept being that no part of the body functions independently. Integrated Manual Therapy consists of a combination of functional and structural forms of rehabilitation that can be used for acute and chronic pain, structural realignment, nervous system regulation, injury rehabilitation, musculoskeletal and fascial issues, and more.

IMT is safe, effective, and causes no pain during treatment. This type of therapy does not use painful or aggressive approaches to healing, rather it works to free up the body’s natural healing processes. It also empowers clients to participate in their own healing with at-home techniques that are easy to perform. Throughout treatment there is a continuous assessment, treatment, re-assessment and further treatment based on response to the therapy provided. This type of approach helps to address the individual's specific needs.

What techniques are used in Integrated Manual Therapy?

Some of the techniques involved in this work include: structural and functional assessment, active release through specific types of stretching, passive positional release, joint mobilization, fascial release, visceral and cranial techniques, and tissue-fiber realignment. Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing to allow for ease of stretching and positioning.

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